Ben Elliot

Ben Elliot is an artist born in 1994. Often sharing his work through long term and multiform projects, his practice addresses contemporary subjects such as influence marketing, high-speed media channels and contemporary devices. Most of his works federate a group, taking place in contexts with a blurry border between the contemporary art setting and the social life environment. Ben Elliot extends his persona through communication tools using the strategies of influencers, social medias, digital contents, product placement, partnerships and contracts; not limiting its economic system to the patrons-collectors-galleries but also integrating other players. The artist often partners with companies from contemporary industries such as tech, advanced lifestyles and entertainment to highlight the concepts and values that they carry.
By using and spreading the forms, ideas and mechanisms of our time, Ben Elliot explores the new systems of emerging trends, creation of values, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, decentralized internet, and in general innovation.

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